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Austin Lim

Vocal Instructor

Austin Lim teaches voice in the San Jose area and has his BMED degree from San Jose University. He started singing with his church choir when he was 8 years old and has continued refining his craft throughout the years. He has sung with the award winning opera theater production of Leonard Bersteins Mass (2017) where he performed as a soloist. He has studied under Joseph Frank and Jonathan Smucker. His goal is to teach students musical excellence, expression and to teach students how to bring out each student's own unique voice in a way that promotes vocal health and longevity. His teaching philosophy is grounded in teaching students to go out of their comfort zone and engage with things that are different. To teach students the life skill of self reflection. By using music, students will be able to experience things that they may not have explored on their own. By focusing on music, students can cultivate this skill of exploration which leads to building confidence and a healthy mindset for growth and success

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