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Kayla Parolini

My name is Kayla Parolini and I started learning the piano when I was about 9 y/o under my Grandmother's instruction, Barbara Libsch and I instantly fell in love with it. This is primarily because of how my grandmother taught me; how patient, caring and exciting she was able to make the piano seem. Because of her, teaching the piano was always my dream job since I can remember and I am honored that I have gotten to follow this dream. I love teaching music to anyone that I can, as the piano has been a continuous joy in my life and has always been a safe place which is why I am so enthusiastic to pass this joy on, as it has been passed to me.

Currently, I am a Music Education Major at San Jose State University. I have a lot of tips and tricks to share with my students who are learning this fabulous instrument. I have played the piano for numerous musicals, such as Peter Pan (2016), The Little Mermaid (2017), Little Shop of Horrors (2018), and Les Miserables (2019) for Golden Valley Highschool in my hometown as well as have accompanied this school's choir (2019). I love to accompany different instruments on the piano and play piano duets in my spare time (one of my all-time favorite piano duets is Mother Goose by Maurice Ravel). Some other gigs that I have done this year are that I got to serve as a student assistant to a Performance Anxiety class, where I learned how to use different methods to help me and my students manage their anxiety when performing, as well as I have worked for SJSU’s music department tutoring music theory to the college students.

Some fun facts about me are that playing board games are one of my favorite activities and because of this, I like to incorporate musical board games into my lessons to help teach theory concepts. When I am not at the piano, I enjoy watching tv and hanging out with my people and animal friends, especially cats. “Kitten” is one of my cats (her name is also McGonagall because she looks so much like the Harry Potter movie Character)- I helped raise her from a kitten-she loves toys, treats, and sleeping and I was able to harness train her so she is allowed on walks-which she loves more than anything.

Piano and Music Theory Instructor

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