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Experience the Musical Journey

Become a musician through professional lessons

6-Week Program

Music In Me



6-week Program



Harmony Road



6-Week Program

6-Week Program

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We Create Music Together

Entering its next century as a dynamic center of musical learning, Silicon Valley Conservatory of Music in Sunnyvale is a standard bearer of innovative artistry dedicated to developing citizen artists who engage their communities and the world through music.


Through our music programs, SVCM offers a curriculum as imaginative as it is rigorous, taught by world-class faculty and visiting artists. Beyond the mastery gained through private lessons and group lessons, students will benefit from recital participation, master classes, and a thorough grounding in theory imparted by renowned musicians.


Lessons With an Array of Instruments

At Silicon Valley Conservatory of Music, we develop and inspire students to achieve their full musical potential and provide the skills for lifelong enjoyment of music.

Meet the Musical Team

Our teachers bring their passion and expertise to Silicon Valley Conservatory of Music. SVCM teachers continue their pedagogical development to better serve our community of budding musicians.

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